Main information:

  • What is SWBFLeague?

SWBFLeague is an online tournament that takes place in the online mode of the game Star Wars Battlefront (2004). It's an individual tournament where players will play a game each week on a different map and era. During each game players will score points on a scoreboard until the tournament ends. The winner will be the 1st ranked, followed by the 2nd and 3rd.

  • How the tournament works?

The tournament will consist of a total of 30 games. Each game will correspond to a day, a different map and era, and will be played from a previously established random order (this means that each day will be assigned a map and a given era). This order will correspond to the first round of 15 games, and will be repeated during the second round where the same order is repeated with different eras (if you played a map with CW era in the first round, you will play with GCW era in the second round). A few days before the tournament begins, the order of the maps will be published for each game.

During the game the player will accumulate points depending on the number of killed players (KP), the number of deaths (D) and the number of captured command posts (CP). Once the game is over, the results screen will appear and the tournament manager will make a screenshot like the image above. This will serve to calculate the final score of each player with the following calculation:

FINAL SCORE = KP x (1 + CP) - D

The resulting score will be the one that appears in the scoreboard. For example, if we calculate the final score of {AR}NemesiS, we see that the number of killed players is multiplied by the number of captured command posts plus 1, and finally subtracted by the number of deaths. The result is 83.

1 {AR}NemesiS 83 16 13 5 +83
2 ... ... ... ... ... ...
3 ... ... ... ... ... ...

But how is it possible that the result is so great? The key is the number of CPs captured. This means that if you catch CP you will be more likely to get a higher score, and therefore have more advantage in ranking.

Once the tournament ends, the following prizes are awarded:

  • Stormtrooper Gold Trophy: It's achieved by the player who finishes in the 1st place of the ranking.
  • Stormtrooper Silver TrophyIt's achieved by the player who finishes in the 2nd place of the ranking.
  • Stormtrooper Bronze TrophyIt's achieved by the player who finishes in the 3rd place of the ranking.
  • Sniper Trophy: It's achieved by the player who has killed more players during the tournament.
  • Battle Droid Trophy: It's achieved by the player who has died more times during the tournament.
  • Bounty Hunter Trophy: It's achieved by the player who has captured more command posts during the tournament.

The remaining players who have participated but haven't won any prizes will be mentioned as a thank you to their participation.

  • Where and how will the tournament take place?

Each game will take place on a server with the following name: "SWBFLeague_[Number]Day_[Map]_[Era]". Before each game the participants will receive a password to join. It's recommended that players join at least 5-10 minutes before the game starts. The game won't start until the administrator finishes the countdown. NOTE: Players who join later or are missing in a game will not be penalized, however the administrator won't resume or postpone the game if it's the case. Anyway, everyone should join in time.

The SWBFLeague server has the following features:

  • The maximum number of players will be the total number of players involved.
  • There's no bots.
  • Heroes are disabled.
  • TK disabled.
  • Teams will be assigned automatically.
  • The map ticket count will be 300 for each side.

Regarding the schedules, it will decide the time and date of the next game in the same forum that the registered users will have access through polls or comments. If there's no response, the administrator will choose any date that might be accessible to all participants. Only 1-2 games per week can take place. Once decided the date will be published the following day.

  • What are the main rules of the tournament?

Finally, SWBFLeague has a set of very basic rules:

  • Those who want to participate must write their nickname and their email by entering a comment on the "Signing-Up" page. You'll receive an email with a user password confirming your participation within the tournament.
  • No one can give the game password to someone who hasn't previously signed up and doesn't participate in the tournament. If someone from outside joins without being part of the list of participants will be expelled from the server.
  • Players who were already registered, have participated in other editions and are interested in participating in the next edition must write their nickname and email on the "Signing-Up" page too.
  • Anyone can sign up in the tournament until the deadline that has been assigned by the administrator of the website.
  • Use good vocabulary in the forum and in-game chat, without insulting or threatening anyone. Otherwise, serious measures will be taken.
  • It's possible to claim via forum to review the scoreboard in case there is an error in having performed the calculations of the final score, after publishing it.
  • The use of radars / cheats inside the tournament is not allowed.
  • During the game, players can capture CP, as long as the number of CPs that controls the opposite side is greater than 1. This measure is necessary to avoid rematches, and if it happens it will have to repeat the whole game invalidating the score of the previous game.